Records are permanent in nature and can be used in the future for audit and other purposes.


Traceability and privacy offer protection against fraudulent activities

Secure & Private

Is secured with high-end security systems at every stage of the supply chain


Offers efficient and accurate supply chain operations from mining to the end product


Offers absolute trust while still maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive data


Elevate and benefits the interest of all participants within the industry

What is Diamante Blockchain About?

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Banks are leveraging blockchain technology to process cross-border payments in real time with end-to-end tracking and certainty.


Currency Exchanges manage liquidity required for cross-border payments with DIAM to enable instant payments.

Currency Exchanges

Diamante Consortium Network has the most advanced blockchain powered system when it comes to genuinity of the diamond trade and transactions.
Diamante Net makes it easy to connect and transact across its robust network and payment providers worldwide.


More and more financial as well as technical organizations are opting for blockhain based infrastructure for its stability, high efficiency and transparency.


Payment on this network without the need for an acquiring bank.

Payment Network

Provide global diamond merchants with faster, more transparent and predictable payment services across the world.

Global Merchants


Q1 – 2018

  • Diamante Blockchain envisioned and execution plan designed

Q2 – 2018

  • Technical requirements validated, system architecture designed and development initiated

Q3 – 2018

  • Strategic partnerships, consortium formation and compliance frameworks established

Q4 – 2018

  • Consortium open to all industry participants and system architecture designed for the Diamante Corporate Payments Solution

Q4 – 2019

  • Corporate Payments solution launched, DIAM launched on exchanges, technical development and testing of Diamante Credit solution initiated, first round of fundraising completed

Q3 – 2019

  • Strategic partnerships with banking and financial institutions established, DIAM compliance mapping and valuation completed, and business plan and strategy completed

Q2 – 2019

  • Corporate Payments pilot initiated in a testing phase and ecosystem compliance and revenue model mapped

Q1 – 2019

  • Corporate Payments technical developments initiated and technical whitepaper drafted and reviewed by leading blockchain experts and universities

Q1 – 2019

  • Public launching
  • Expand product lines into technical verticals

Q2 – 2019

  • Corporate partnership
  • Active learning from platform interactions
  • Design and development of traceability platform

Q3 – 2019

  • AI based rating system design and development for consortium members
  • Technical development of a unified marketplace (e-commerce) platform
  • VR integration into e-commerce platform

Q4 – 2019

  • Trading Initiation
  • Line of credit issuance within consortium members based on aI based ratings against collateral