Dinesh Patel

Chief Executive Officer

Dinesh Patel is both a proficient business developer and pioneer with over 25 years of broad modern involvement in the diamond business. He is a dynamic business visionary with a demonstrated track record of serving organizations construct a considerable reputation around the globe and ensure growth with his intensive and meticulous range of skill sets. He has served various reputed organizations around the globe including countries like Israel, India and United States of America. Dinesh has now discovered an industry changing idea of Diamante Blockchain LLC and its digital asset DIAM. His idea is to alter the Diamond industry with the help of Blockchain technology to provide remarkable improvements and help tackle repeating challenges that Diamond Industry faces today throughout the world. Dinesh has been analyzing the Blockchain innovation eagerly and accepts immovably that it will change the diamond and jewelry industry for the better.

Chirag Jetani

Chief Operational Officer

Chirag heads the operations at Diamante Blockchain LLC. He owns an Engineering degree from RV College of Engineering, India and further advanced his technical skills by holding a Masters from FAU, Germany. Being an Executive Managing director of a prestigious Diamond company, Chirag has technical, administrative and authoritative experience working within the Diamond Industry. Being a crypto and blockchain enthusiast from the rise of cryptocurrencies he has broad understanding about the crypto market and holds solid convictions about its utility and its application to the Diamond Industry.

Kishan Vaghasia

Chief Strategy Officer

Kishan is the chief strategist at diamante blockchain. He's known for tackling complex business challenges and executing procedures that would help diamante blockchain methodically quicken development. Kishan is a crypto aficionado and a genuine adherent to the blockchain innovation and its implications in reality. He firmly trusts digital currency is a time changing development that holds the ability to improve lives. He trusts Diamante Blockchain will give the correct instruments and systems to the diamond industry that will empower the various networks and communities to lead a problem free stream of business. Preceding Diamante Blockchain, Kishan filled in as a business engineer in one of the leading mining projects in Africa. Prior in his vocation, Kishan sought after a degree in geological sciences from Colorado Mesa University, USA.

Nikul Godhani

Marketing and Business development

Nikul is a senior business developer, head planner and operational executive with over 14 years of experience in sales, technology, advertising, media buying, and operations. He boasts a proven track record of expanding new and scalable businesses by building innovative sales strategies, executing strategic partnerships, developing talented teams, and successfully partnering with internal cross-functional departments. Heading one of the leading Gem and Jewelry firm on an international platform he specializes and focuses on the establishment of relationships between companies, finances and international trade.

Ashok Sanghani

Chief Technologist, Supply Chain

Ashok heads the supply chain department as a chief technologist at Diamante Blockchain. Preceding Diamante blockchain, Ashok was an essential part of a leading diamond firm with global business. He has effectively strived to discover different approaches to manage supply chains with diamond manufacturing advances. With over 18 years of experience working within the diamond industry, Ashok designs and executes solid establishment to outline and create diamond supply network administration to broadly serve Diamante Blockchain.

Tushar Sutariya

Operational Manager

Tushar fills in as Diamante Blockchain's Operational manager. Tushar has been working in the diamond industry as a flexible and dynamic business visionary since 2012. He has in his repertoire, directing accounting capacity, task administration, client relationship development and an expertise in broadcast communication. He is a renowned business tycoon and client magnet in the diamond industry. Tushar's involvement in today's business world has been of an all-rounder. He has graduated from Thakur College of Science and Commerce with a Bachelor's in commerce.

Raj Chowdhury

Chief Advisor

Raj Chowdhury is the Chief Advisor of Diamante BLockchain; Managing Director of HashCash Consultants and a Blockchain and Bitcoin pioneer. During his tenure at ICICI Bank, India's largest private sector Bank, Raj pioneered the first interbank Trade Finance and Remittance implementation of Blockchain Technology between ICICI Bank in India and Emirates NBD in UAE. He was also the first in the country to take a Blockchain payment wallet to production. Chowdhury is an eminent voice in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies globally and actively engages with policy makers in this area. He is a contributor to Economic Times, Business World and advises industry leaders in adoption of Blockchain. Author of the book 'The Dark Secret of the Silicon Valley', Raj is an investor in blockchain and cryptocurrency companies and an active member of the philanthropic community.

Ishan Roy

Head of Products

Ishan Roy has a rich experience working with Banking IT systems and infrastructure and has implemented several banking products from planning to production. He led the team that took the first blockchain wallet to production at ICICI Bank. Additionally he managed the blockchain trade and remittance project which was the first of its kind in India.

Sayan Majumder

Senior Developer

Sayan has an experience of 12 years in the payments industry including running his own payment processing service for more than 5 years and building a bitcoin exchange for merchants. He is a blockchain and crypto-enthusiast and is constantly working to integrate conventional payment platforms with modern blockchain framework.

Arnab Samanta

Lead Developer

Arnab has spend more than a decade designing IT solutions for Financial Institutions and Banks and understands core banking platforms end to end. He is proficient with multiple programming languages and has designed and developed an alt currency based payment processor which eliminates middle men.